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Leyton Cross

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Leyton Cross is a club that hosts social events exclusively for its members. The club also hires out its hall facilities to partnering clubs or to its members for their own private events.

The organisers at Leyton Cross needed a website that would enable the club to distribute its newsletter and event information to its members. A “Wordpress” website was quickly identified as an ideal solution, as the framework enables users to manage site content such as events or newsletter posts. In particular, WordPress’ simple user interface was appropriate for some non-technically skilled board members within the club. However, in order to gain flexibility in the appearance and branding of the website, the club asked me to develop a custom WordPress theme.

During consultations with the board, I was able to identify improvements to the clubs’ internal processes in ways that had not been initially realised by the organisers.

One example was the club joining process. I recognised that the club’s paper registration form and other supporting documents could be attached to their public web pages in order to remove the process for organisers to send the form to new members. Attaching the documents in a central location would also resolve issues caused by having different revisions in multiple locations. As a result, I added to the website the functionality to attach a number of given documents to a page for download.

Finally, the clubs’ hall hiring process was also improved by sharing the availability of the hall with the public. This was achieved by implementing a calendar that could be modified by the organisers to display the dates already in use.

Since the launch of its website, Leyton Cross has seen a dramatic improvement in publicity, with improved awareness of club events and news by its members. The club has also recognised improvements internally, and is benefitting from its documents hosted in a central location.